ZimFact is an independent, non-partisan Zimbabwean online fact-checking platform.

The platform was created under the umbrella of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) and is dedicated to playing a watchdog role by fact-checking  news and information in the public sector so that the general public can receive verified news information and real facts in the wake of a rise in propaganda and misinformation.

ZimFact is Zimbabwe’s first national fact-checking organisation with a mission to help the media to deliver accurate, fair and balanced news and information.

Consumers around the world are struggling in sifting fact from fiction from  media platforms that are sometimes casual over matters of facts and truth.

While an explosion of new information providers mainly in the online space in Zimbabwe has improved public access to news and information, the negative side is the rise in the dissemination of false news and disinformation.

Operational Structure

ZimFact is managed by a small team of senior Zimbabwean journalists with experience around a wide range of areas, and committed to high standards of  professionalism.

Editorial Team

Editor – Cris Chinaka, a journalism veteran who spent a quarter of a century at Reuters News International Agency until his retirement. He worked as a reporter largely around Southern Africa and was Chief Correspondent for the Reuters Zimbabwe Bureau for 20 years.

Cris retired in 2015 to go mostly into journalism, media training and consultancy and sits on several boards of Zimbabwean Media Organisations.

Deputy Editor – Nelson Banya

Highly rated Zimbabwean journalist with experience across platforms and services.

Nelson is a former editor at Zimbabwe’s The Financial Gazette, former editor at The Source, an independent Zimbabwe business and financial news agency and a Reuters correspondent in Zimbabwe.

Researcher – Lifaqane Nare

Lifaqane — a journalist for 15 years — is a former Media and Communications Manager on a Business Enabling Environment Programme.

She has been a reporter at Zimbabwe’s weekly Sunday News, a radio programme  producer/presenter at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and a correspondent for Voice of America (VOA).

Consultants and Correspondents

The ZimFact  full-time staffers are supported by commissioned consultants, correspondents and freelancers.

The platform is also plugging for support into other generators of information, knowledge and data such as universities and research institutions.

It verifies and fact-checks around a wide range of areas: politics, governance and electoral issues, health, education, water and sanitation, law and human rights, child welfare, gender, environment, business and finance, industry and commerce as well as farming.

ZimFact paces itself comfortably around news and information requiring fact checking by focusing on a few big issues of great interest. Besides publishing and broadcasting on its own website, ZimFact  shares its fact-checked stories and information with other media organisations.


Administratively, ZimFact is managed by a committee drawn from the VMCZ and representatives of two funding partners: Fojo Media Institute, Sweden’s leading institute on media development supporting Sida funded projects in Zimbabwe; and International Media Support (IMS), which is managing a grant from the European Union (EU).

The ZimFact editorial team operates under an Editorial Charter granting it editorial independence, including from the management committee and advisory committee made up of representatives of a number of media organisations.

ZimFact is independent from all political, commercial, religious and professional interests, including from media content producers. It is guided by a code of conduct pledging to high levels of ethics and professionalism and in line with best international practices.

ZimFact is a non-partisan platform run by Zimbabwean professionals committed to holding media accountable to accurate and balanced reporting, and to the public’s right to that information. It operates under a Charter granting it editorial independence administratively managed by a Board drawn from VMCZ and representatives of Fojo.

ZimFact has an advisory committee drawn from Zimbabwe’s media sector.