FACTSHEET – Chamisa election promises

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has established himself as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s main challenger in next week’s presidential election. Below are his key election promises.

Researched by Cris Chinaka

“Bullet trains, spaghetti roads, village airports”

On the election campaign trail, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has promised to:

  • Turn Gweru town, in Zimbabwe’s central Midlands province, into the capital city of the country to improve accessibility by citizens and to promote national unity.
  • Give more neutral names to Zimbabwean provinces, which currently carry names with ethnic, tribal or regional overtones, as part of promoting national cohesion.
  • Build top quality crisscrossing “spaghetti” highways and upgrade Zimbabwe’s crumbling roads.
  • Introduce fast-moving bullet trains to improve public transportation currently dominated by mini-buses and individually-owned small vehicle hoppers.
  • Build village airports to transport fresh farm produce from peasants to European markets.



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