How we work

ZimFact Editorial Charter

ZimFact is an non-partisan news and information fact-checking platform founded on the principles of impartiality and independence, and is dedicated to providing accurate, fair and balanced information for the benefit of the public.

In pursuit of promoting the dissemination of accurate news and information in Zimbabwe, ZimFact subscribes to international best practices in fact-checking and is committed to operating principles of impartiality and transparency.

Our editorial charter is based on universal guidelines recognised by fact-checking platforms around the world.

How we approach our work:

1. Selection of story or information to fact-check
While ZimFact provides a facility for readers to give suggestions and ideas, under the principle of editorial independence, the editorial team will decide on the story or information to fact-check, basing the selection on topical importance and strong public interest, on whether the information is presented as fact or opinion and on fact-checking all sides of a debate.

2. Establishing the exact words
In cases of contested claims and statements, we go out of the way to establish the exact words, the context in which they were given and how they were reported.

3. Asking for evidence
After establishing contradicting facts, we always seek confirmation from the original source.
We do our utmost to contact the source of the disputed information to provide evidence for their claims.

4. Checking archives, and other sources
We check information published or broadcast against information in our own and other archives.
We cast our net widely and will record evidence from other sources both supporting and contradicting a given claim.

5. Consulting experts
We cross check and when necessary discuss the same information with established experts. We will strive to avoid anonymous sources in fact-checking.

6. Minimum sources in fact-checking
We do not use a single source as the basis of fact-checking claims. We use a minimum of two sources, and will strive for more depending with the information in dispute.

7. Publishing, broadcasting fact-checked report
We produce a fact-checked report by setting out the original claim and the context in which it was delivered, provide evidence and end with a balanced conclusion. All reports are subjected to reviews by researchers and members of the editorial team to cross-check for accuracy before publication or broadcasting.

We publish our reports on our website, for free access by the media and public.

We update and correct any mistakes with full transparency.

Editorial code of conduct
We subscribe to the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe code of conduct.