MDC Alliance 2018 Election Promises

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and alliance partner Tendai Biti at the coalition’s manifesto launch

The following is a summary of the MDC Alliance’s election promises, according to the coalition’s manifesto.

The promises are anchored on the party building a $100 billion economy in a decade.

  1. Governance, Nation Building and The Consensus State
  • Develop an inclusive National Vision accepted by all stakeholders.
  • Implement a programme of transitional justiceand national healing.
  • Harmonise all laws to the Country’s Constitution.
  • Resize and restructure the Country’s governance.
  • Create a law to establish the Consultative Development Council.
  • Establish a new Anti- Corruption, Procurement legal framework.
  • Pass the law to actualise Devolution.
  • Renaming the Country’s Provinces and move the administrative capital to Gweru.
  • Implement the legal and corporate framework necessary to build strong institutions
  • Development of SMART cities and towns.
  1. Sustainable, Shared and Inclusive Economy
  • Full implementation of the STAB including restoration of macro-economic stability.
  • Monetary policy reform including, immediate scrapping of the bond note and strengthening of the multi-currency regime.
  • Urgent implementation of the debt resolution strategy (SADDS).
  • Restoration of the land market and the issuance of title deeds to beneficiaries of the land reform programme.
  • Attending to tax reform including the enactment of a new Income Tax Act and the establishment of a flat corporate tax rate.
  • Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign portfolio Investment through enactment of a new foreign Investment law and the ease of doing business.
  • Attending to pension reform and establishment of stand-alone defined benefit pension scheme.
  • Increasing productivity and promotion of the hard sectors of the economy.
  • Promotion of Industrialisation, Value addition and an alternative accumulation model. Establishing an evidence based economy through setting up an independent statistical
  1. Social Justice and Service Delivery
  • Compliance with the Abuja Declaration on Health and an establishment of the New Zimbabwe National health plan through an act of Parliament.
  • Attending to the reform of the education sector and developing a new education curriculum.
  • Ensuring adequate financing of the education sector, capitalising BEAM, providing free basic primary education.
  • Substantially reduce the urban housing backlog within five years.
  • Strengthening of the National Building society making it a housing development bank.
  • Renewal and transformation of informal settlements.
  • Disband POTRAZ AND BAZ and establish a consolidated regulatory framework.
  • Establish a media Commission empowered to safeguard freedom of expression and access to the media.
  1. Citizens’ Rights, Interests and Protection
  • Redefining the role of the citizen through an establishment of a citizen Charter.
  • Rolling out a diaspora policy including the granting of the right to vote.
  • Protection of workers’ rights through among other things, harmonisation of all labour laws and the creation of a social contract.
  • Defining rights of people living with disabilities (PWD) including the provision of a grants to PWD’s.
  • Defining rights of the aged and provision of grants to the aged.
  • Mainstreaming and protection of gender rights.
  • Protection of Minorities and Special Interest Groups.
  • Enacting the necessary laws and reforms necessary to protect children, including the abolition of child marriages, and the enactment of a new Children’s Act.
  • Constructing a responsive state, that responds to the needs and interest of citizens.
  • Promotion of Citizen rights through ICT and E- Governance.
  1. Reconstruction and Remodelling of the Country’s Infrastructure
  • The preparation of an infrastructure roadmap with funding requirements.
  • The enactment of legislation that promotes and provides incentives to public, private partnerships
  • The setting up of an infrastructure fund that leverages on the sovereign wealth fund, NASSA and our minerals.
  • Streamlining the regulatory environment in the infrastructure sector, including separating and splitting of regulation from operations (ZINARA, POTRAZ, and ZINWA.
  • Establishment of brand new ports of authority, and ensuring that Border Posts in Zimbabwe are single entry.
  • Securing funding and commencing the construction of the Batoka Gorge Hydro Station.
  • Securing the funding and construction of the Harare-Chirundu Highway.
  • Securing the funding and commencing the construction of the Beitbridge-Victoria Falls Highway
  • Securing the funding and commencing the construction of a major railway artery within Zimbabwe and linking the same with Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa.

Extracted from the MDC Alliance SMART manifesto. For the full version go to:

Factsheet compiled by Lifaqane Nare, a Fact Checker with ZimFact.


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